Tonino’s interest in cinema started at a young age and soon turned into a true love of all the behind-the-camera craft. His first immersion was a five-year cinema degree at ESCAC University, Barcelona, where he had the chance to explore and participate in numerous filming experiences, both internal and external, working alongside very different crews. He specialised in cinematography.

For the past six years he has collaborated on a large variety of projects from independent short films and documentaries to TV mini-series, music videos, fashion films and commercials for clients such as INNOVATION, LONBALI, Manufaktur Atelier, aProperties & betevé, working in the camera department.

As first Assistant Camera, he directs all his strengths and skills into the filming, always with the camera and lens-set at the ready for whenever they are required. His focus is to bring the DoP’s and director’s intention to fruition, concentrating all his energy on the task at hand with consistent and clear communication with the crew.

Considering the digital era we live in and the current high stream of new film equipment that comes out each year, Tonino makes sure to keep up to date with the latest technology by attending conferences, events, exhibitions and expos, as well as testing all the new cinema gear that manufacturers have to present and communicating with the rental house companies that offer the equipment.

He is proficient with numerous filming formats and equipment ranging from 35mm | S16mm cameras to digital ARRI Alexa, RED Digital Cinema, Sony CineAlta, Blackmagic Cinema and Panasonic. Also experienced in WCU-4, DJI and ARRI’s classic Follow Focus professional systems for AC work.

Currently based in London, UK


Tonino Petruzzellis S.
Based in Barcelona, Spain

Availability for work in Madrid, London, Firenze, Milano and Roma.

+44 7401 963 896